Agile Project Management

Leveraging latest technology's ability & for fast time-to-market, we recommend Rapid Application Development (RAD) combining it with Scrum project management.

We also carry out QA activities at the end of each sprint to ensure high quality of the deliverables during Agile-driven projects. Scrum is one of the popular Agile Project Management methodology for software development as it allows you to specify, monitor and get what is exactly required and deliver a quality product within cost and schedule.

Why Agile Methodology?

  • Minimized time-to-market and feedback because of iterative releases
  • Measured Productivity increases (Studies indicated about 10% to 200% depending on team, environment, project, agile experience, etc.)
  • Continuous development process improvement, there is especially important for new product development
  • Communication improvement inside development team and between scrum team and customer.
  • Better team culture and shared success. Scrum builds "Successful team" attitude where everybody likes work in.

Scrum Approach

Scrum is used with different development approaches like Test Driven Development (TDD) or Behavior Driven Development (BDD) – can be discussed and decided by the Product Owner and Product Development Team. To successfully implement the selected approach, we deploy a captive development team and assign the most relevant Project Manager, team leads and engineers.

Main Scrum Roles

Product Owner

In Scrum, the Product Owner represents your team and has authority to make decisions about product functionality - add requirements with detailed description, prioritize requirements, plan releases).

Scrum Master

The Scrum Master from Icicle, like a Project Manager helps team to follow Scrum process. Facilitates the daily Scrum meetings, manage impediments, supports Product Owner, removes obstacles in team progress.

Product Team

The team takes the responsibility for determining the best approach to meet product goals defined by Product Owner. Team consist of Developers, Designers, Content Writers, QA Team – In short anyone who is needed to deliver the Software.

Scrum Practices

User Stories

User stories tells how a Software should behave given the role & context. Product Owner gives these stories - a short description of the features. Product team further details it using Use Case documentation or Prototype.


Product, Release, Sprint Backlog - lists of all functionality in product, release and sprint respectively. Product Owner is responsible for the backlog management and maintenance.

Iterative Development

Project gets divided into sprints usually of 2-4 weeks duration each. Sprints have fixed duration (time boxing) enables regular deliveries and helps development team to focus on a deliverable at the end of each sprint.

Scrum Calls

Daily meetings of 10 – 15 mins for monitoring & clarifications only and not to discuss requirements. Each team members discuss: What is done since the last scrum meeting? What has impeded your work? What is to be done before next scrum meeting?

Burn Down Charts

Scrum Sprint Burn Down chart shows implementation progress during a single sprint. It answers - when sprint could be completed based on previous progress? and What is the expected date of delivery?

Sprint Review Meeting

Facilitated by Scrum Master and provides an inspection of project progress at the end of the every Sprint. The goal is to improve development process by introducing new practices, changing existing practices, etc.

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