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12 Best Cloud-Based Accounting Applications to Manage Business Finance

by Vinith Vikram on 27th November, 2019

How can you manage your business accounting and finance that will help you reduce time, expense, and the labor needed?

A powerful business accounting application makes it seamless to manage accounts and keep track of finance.

Cloud-based Accounting Applications take the service a notch higher and allows businesses to manage their finances from anywhere while keeping the data secure

By the end of this blog, you will have the complete list of best online and cloud-based finance applications that are market-proven and are sure to assist your business.

Best cloud accounting

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Why Dedicated Team Model is the Best for Outsourcing

by Vinith Vikram on 26th November, 2019

The Dedicated Team Model is an arrangement between the software development company and the client where the software development company is responsible for building a team of developers with the necessary skill set for the client.

The Model is ideal for outsourcing especially if you want to retain the control and direct the developing team yourself. It is adaptable, flexible, and highly economical.

Let’s see more about Dedicated Team Model in detail.

Dedicated Team Model

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12 Industries Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize

by Vinith Vikram on 7th November, 2019

Can you imagine a reality where machines can assist alongside humans for businesses to prosper?

Artificial Intelligence is the development of technologies that allow machines to analyze the data, learn the logic behind, and make conscious decisions similar to humans.

Many industrial forerunners are already adopting Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentimental Analysis, and many other technologies to leverage and grow their business.

AI will affect almost all of the industries. We have rounded up the industries where AI will have maximum impact.

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How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

by Vinith Vikram on 3rd October, 2019

The first thing you do before you start your journey or commute is probably open Google Maps and see how long it takes to get there. You also reach your destination almost exactly by the time deducted by Google Maps. Ever wondered how it calculates accurately?

As a Machine Learning application, Google Maps use historical traffic data and real-time information to effectively predict how long the commute is, and the best route to reach.

Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

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Deployment Strategies For Elixir Phoenix - Heroku

by Srinidhi Prabandham on 27th February, 2018

Modern web technology stacks are constantly trying to get faster, trying to meet the never-ending requirements of the community and cater to the ever-growing user base.

It is hard to choose a technology that strikes a good balance between developer productivity and also is able to provide a good throughput, latency, uptime, extendability etc.

Elixir I feel is, productive for developers but also provides speed and concurrency to build robust software.

In this blog series, we will cover some of the ways to deploy an Elixir - Phoenix application.


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Top Spree E-Commerce Extensions to Build Ruby E-Commerce Store

by Murtaza Basrai on 3rd November, 2017

Spree E-Commerce is a complete, scalable, API-driven open source E-commerce framework built with Ruby on Rails. Spree is well suited to serve as a custom technology platform to build any type of an E-commerce application: an online store, a multi vendor marketplace, a rich-content driven shopping platform, a social commerce website or a backend engine for an E-commerce mobile or tablet app (iOS, Android). It is used by more than 45,000 retailers as their e-commerce platform. You can get more details about Spree on it's Website and repository.

Spree is supported by many official as well as third party open source extensions. These extensions provides convenient, reusable & sharable way to modify or extend Spree Commerce. A Spree Commerce developer can either choose to use an existing extension to customise desired Spree feature or can create their own extension and share with community. There are hundreds of extensions already available.


We have curated a list of Spree e-commerce Ruby on Rails plugin extensions considering the usage, popularity and response by the community.

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4 Easy Ways to Integrate React.JS with Ruby on Rails

by Srinidhi Prabandham on 6th October, 2017

Ruby on Rails has been an extremely productive monolith web application (full-stack) framework that enables developers to develop and deploy applications with ease. For businesses and startups, it serves as a platform that helps to get the product to the market quickly.

Ruby on Rails used to ship with jQuery by default (until version 5.1), jQuery is a great library that is small and robust. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax simple with an easy-to-use API.The plugin architecture is also very nice for extensibility and has a wide community support.


React is a JavaScript library created and maintained at Facebook for building user interfaces, which aims to be declarative, making the code more predictable and easier to debug. React can be thought of the "V" (View) in "MVC" (Model, View, Controller architecture/design pattern). Views are modeled as components, the advantage of this that, we can pass rich data through the app and maintain state outside the DOM.

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Top Ruby Frameworks to Speed Up Web Development

by Murtaza Basrai on 24th August, 2017

Ruby is without any doubt, one of the most popular object oriented programming languages out there. It is loved by developers all around the world specially because it's not only powerful but has a sweet simple syntax with lot of great features.

There are quite a number of frameworks developed for Ruby over the years. These frameworks help a developer to accelerate the web development and create innovative web applications with a little effort.

I have mentioned a curated list of all the popular open-source ruby frameworks which are actively maintained. Some of those frameworks might not be as huge & feature rich as others but they work really well for a particular set of requirements.

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Real Time Rails with Action Cable

by Srinidhi Prabandham on 10th August, 2017

Recent years have seen the rise of the real-time web. So what is real-time web?

The real-time web is a network web using technologies and practices that enable users to receive information as soon as it is published by its authors, rather than requiring that they or their software check a source periodically for updates.

Examples of the real-time web are Facebook's newsfeed, Notifications, and Twitter, implemented in social networking, search, Chat Applications and news sites.

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Best Open Source CMS for Ruby on Rails

by Murtaza Basrai on 9th August, 2017

A content management system is a great way to host one or many dynamic websites on a single application - with having complete control over the content with the admin console it provides. Ruby on Rails has several popular content management systems - some are general purpose while some being very specific to a particular area. Ruby on Rails Developers who are working on RoR Ecommerce platforms, simple websites or web applications can easily adapt and customize those management systems.

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