Hire a Remote Development Team Easily- a Guide on How and Where

by Icicle on 24th August, 2020

In the digital age, the brands that can provide a superior customer experience will outshine their competition. Entrepreneurs have the vision for game-changing digital products, the only problem is they may not have the right tech team to bring their vision into reality. That’s why many business leaders are relying on a team of dedicated remote developers.

One study showed that 62% of employees work remotely at least occasionally, and that number is only going to increase because of the pandemic of 2020.

Hire Remote Team

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The Garden City Ruby Conference 2014 Experience

by Shrivara K S on 7th January, 2014

The first edition of the Garden City Ruby Conference was held in the beautiful Atria Hotel. We, the Bangalore Icicle Team, were super excited to meet, interact and listen to interesting talks.

We had spent the last few evenings coming up with something useful for the attendees. We ended up with Ruby and Rails cheatsheets for Vim and Sublime which were very well received. (A few people wanted Emacs but, they were in the minority. Maybe next time!)

Ruby Talks, Discussions and Fun

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