Friday Hug: React Native, Elixir, Ruby on Rails Articles & Tweets for Week - 30th September, 2016

by Priya Dharshini on 30th September, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone,

We are back with weekly news about Ruby & Rails, Elixir, React Native & JavaScript.

We will be catching up with some interesting articles on Make Your React Components Pretty, Improve Your JavaScript Learning with Fun Experiments and much more.

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Elixir & Erlang Setup with asdf Version Manager

by Srikala Bharadwaj on 13th September, 2016

The asdf version manager fits all Elixir & Erlang version management needs and some more. The primary reason for choosing asdf is that it can help with version management of Node.js, Ruby, Python, Postgres and more.
Instead of installing 3 different version managers to manage Elixir, Erlang and Node.js , we can use asdf for all three. Step wise installation and configuration details has been provided.

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Friday Hug: Articles & Tweets for 3rd July on Web & Mobile Development

by Haridev Dadhich on 3rd July, 2015

Happy Friday Everyone, We are back with weekly news & articles about Ruby & Rails, Go, Android, Ionic, JavaScript, HTML & CSS. We will be catching up on some interesting articles like Ruby hacks, Setting Go variables, Ionic social media login, MeshJs and much more.

2015 Rails Girls Summer of Code Kicks off - Happy Coding !

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Automate Your Development Activities with Hubot

by Vinay Nadig on 5th March, 2014

Hubot is an automation tool that can sync with other chat services. It was first developed as an internal project at Github and is developed in CoffeeScript on Node.js which lets you take advantage of a large number of packages available for the Node.js.

hello hubot

Functionality extension and Deployment are a breeze in Hubot. Deployment on Heroku is as easy as setting a few environment variables and functionality extension can be done by just placing the code in the right folder.

Hello Hubot

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