Why Dedicated Team Model is the Best for Outsourcing

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Dedicated Team Model is the best for outsourcing

Ever wondered how productive it would be when you can determine the course of action for your outsourced projects? The Dedicated Team Model empowers you to do just that.

It is one of the best project development models for outsourcing. From development to management, the model is strengthened with adaptability and flexibility much needed for the project to thrive in various whereabouts.

But before we delve deep into the Dedicated Team Model, here is a brief on outsourcing engagement models for project development.

Types of Outsourcing Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model

As the name suggests, you term your requirements with the service provider and get your project done for a fixed price.

Time and Materials Model

You give the priority list of the project’s functionalities, and your service provider will deliver you a working model through every iteration. The project can go on as long as it takes and you pay for the time taken.

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

The Dedicated Team Model is an arrangement between the software development company and the client where the software development company is responsible for building a team of developers with the necessary skill set for the client.

The model is, of course, not limited to just the Dedicated Team of software developers. Quality analysts, designers, managers, and professionals from various fields can hold positions based on the requirement.

React, Angular, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, Python, Elixir, React Native: the Dedicated Development Team could also comprise professionals of various domains working together.

How a Dedicated Development Team is Hired?

1. Requirement of the Dedicated Team

What kind of developer do you want: front-end, back-end, mobile, full-stack or someone with a specific skill?

And then the primary skills that the developer should have and secondary skills that are considered an advantage.

The mentality of the candidates is also assessed as roles may require different personalities: leaders, self-starters, independent, etc.

Once the requirements are acquired, the process can be taken to the next phase.

2. Shortlisting Candidates to Build the Dedicated Development Team

The software development company offers developers from their team for the client’s project development. Face-to-face interviews are conducted and skills are tested to ensure that they satisfy the need.

However, if the client is not satisfied with the provider’s workforce, the software development company can look for suitable candidates externally to work on the project

The candidates interested for the role are analyzed for compatibility and are tested to verify if they have the required skills.

Promising profiles are shared with the client for the final review before they are hired.

3. Deploying the Dedicated Development Team

The candidates hired are deployed to work on the project and the client oversees the development directly.

Based on the requirement, the teams can also be scaled to increase the pace of the development, or to work on other aspects such as marketing and designing.

Still, there remains a question: why outsourcing when you can build a team on your own?

Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model

1. The Dedicated Team Model is Highly Economical

If you are a project manager or someone involved in project management, you know outsourcing is for big budgets.

You may even have to pay a hefty price just to initiate the project development process. But that is not the case with the Dedicated Development Team Model although it is an outsourcing model.

The payment structure is, most of the time, monthly and allows you to plan your budget accordingly.

2. The Dedicated Team Model Gives You Control Over Your Project

In most of the project development models, you have little to zero control over the development once the project is handed to the software development company.

Yes, you can make changes, request redos, but you can’t exert your control. And that is a constraint.

It is your project. You are the one who is going to take the fall if the project fails. So, you should be the one to determine the course of action for the software development project delivery.

The Dedicated Development Team Model empowers you to control your mobile app development project and manage the development team in the way you see fit. You can readily make changes, not just with the project, but also in the way your Dedicated Team functions.

3. The Dedicated Team Model Offers Superior Adaptability

Think about it, you reach out to an app development company. You sign a long-term project. The project is halfway through, but the business requires changes.

There can be agreements that prevent you from changing what was agreed upon.

It works really well for a mobile app development company, but for you... not so much. A successful product is an ever-evolving project. And the Dedicated Development Team Model fits right in.

You can introduce changes at any point in time. The project may just have been launched and you can still upgrade to equip it for the future. New technologies, new features, new designs… the Dedicated Team Model has got you covered.

4. You See Everything with the Dedicated Team Model

The Dedicated Team Model is transparent. There is no intermediary between you and the development team unless you request the service provider for a project manager.

You can directly interact with the team, establish goals, structure the workflow, know the status, and even adjust the pace of the software development to reach the goal.

5. Miscommunications are Reduced to a Great Extent

Layers between you and the development team are in no way leading to greater productivity, if not entirely slow the process down.

Greater the layers, the greater the number of people the information has to pass through, and the greater are the chances for miscommunication.

For example, the project managers may not completely understand the technical requirements, or the information exchanged may carry subtle variations.

The Dedicated Team Model greatly reduces the chance for miscommunication, for you are directly communicating with your Dedicated Software Development Team.

6. Your Dedicated Team has More Focus

We have seen developers work on multiple projects simultaneously and the results… weren’t up to the expectations and took longer to complete the project.

Also, Stanford University’s studies show that multi-tasking has long term repercussions. It lowers productivity, attention span, concentration, thinking capacity, and IQ.

Further, the software development team cannot concentrate and work at their fullest if they have to juggle between multiple projects.

With the Dedicated Team Model, you are allocated a team that is directly under your control and works for your project without any interruptions.

7. The Dedicated Team Model Ensures Better Collaboration

You can actively collaborate with your dedicated team and learn more about them: strengths, weaknesses, and the discrepancies of the structure.

With that knowledge, you can strategize to make use of the strengths, take caution over the weaknesses, and solve the discrepancies to achieve greater productivity and greater team involvement. We have worked with a lot of clients who increased productivity in this way.

8. The Dedicated Team Model is Fast & Efficient

The adaptability and the control, in turn, gives you a highly efficient team who can work flexibly to suit the requirement.

You will also have clear insights on the progress and how soon the targets can be achieved. Not to mention, the Dedicated Team Model leaves no room for lags and holdups in communication. Even if the project encounters technical difficulties, it is easy to overcome.

Employing the Dedicated Team Model for development, we have empowered our clients with more time and money which can be spent to boost strategy, research, and other crucial functions.

9. Dedicated Team Model is Perfect for Startups

Not that the Dedicated Team Model is beneficial only for startups. It works well for all types of companies, enterprises, and businesses. It is just that startups cannot afford to invest a hefty upfront for project development, at least not during the establishing days.

Also, the model is as economical as hiring freelancers but with the adaptability, flexibility, and productivity of established enterprises.

Summing Up

The Dedicated Team Model’s adaptable aspect gets better and better with the leadership.

We have been working with the Dedicated Team Model for almost a decade with US, Indian, and European companies. It worked wonders for both us and our clients as we were able to deliver more than what was expected.

If you have got a project to work on, hire your Dedicated Development Team right now and get ready for a grand launch.

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