Software Development for Enterprises

We Build Great Softwares With Emerging Technologies & Startup Approach

From consumer-facing mobile apps to large scale applications for enterprises, our team of specialists is ready to take on any challenge.

At Icicle, we solve real world problems by addressing industry-specific business & technology challenges with high quality, flexible, component-based software applications that has power to touch humans. At the end of the day we love to build smart softaware solutions that tell amazing stories.

Developing Enterprise Software

Working iteratively we deliver scalable enterprise web & Mobile apps with start-up speed, in variety of industry domains like BFSI, Travel & Hospitality, e-commerce, Digital Entertainment, Real Estate etc.

Web Development

Web applications development is the heart of our expertise and passion. We build robust and elegant web solutions that has low cost of maintenance using open source technologies like Elixir / Phoenix framework, Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, React.js and more.

ElixirLang Phoenix Ruby Rails AngularJS Development ReactJS Development EmberJS Development

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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications is a relatively young direction we have launched, but already boasting quite a few beautiful apps in our portfolio. We build multi-functional & user-friendly mobile apps that are compatible with Android and iOS platform.

Android iOS React Nativ

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Hire Dedicated Web Developers & Team (Front-end & Back-end)

We are obsessed with developing beautiful Web Applications. Our team enjoys building scalable and robust web applications with the latest technologies and becoming your technology partner.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers & Team

Building Stunning Mobile Apps that brings delight to customers. We work together to build beautiful mobile apps that provide lasting excitement and value to your customers.

Custom Software Development

Collaboratively we work together to fix your actual problems and develop custom software solutions that can transform your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading an existing web and/or mobile app, we offer full stack development to make your vision a reality.

Offshore Software Development

An ultimate solution for businesses that want to grow their tech team. We ensure low-cost software delivery through our offshore software development services. Set up a remote office with us to focus on the business vision and let us worry about developers and technology.

Outsource Software Development

Want to speed up the development? Need a scalable team? We will help you to quickly extend your team with a dedicated team of specialists. Our software developers have multiple skill sets and they work closely with product owners across the globe using formal/informal communication & collaboration channels.

Agile Scrum Development Methodology

Our work culture is geared towards agile, lean & collaborative projects ensuring effective project scoping, faster delivery and quick to launch. We use modern tools and best practices that allows iterative and rapid development of business critical software systems.

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Our Domain Expertise

Our design and development team knows very well what it takes to successfully develop mobile products across multiple domains.


HRM & Sales CRM



Project Management

Payment Gateways



Industry Expertise


Digital & Advertising Agencies



Media & Publishing


Travel & Hospitality

Real Estate

Benefits of Working With Us

We have been building products for our Clients since 2004. Our relationships with clients are a testimony to the kind of value we bring in.

We love Startups

Life Cycle Management

Strong Engineering Traditions

Innovation as a Core Value


Check out our portfolio and know why you should choose Icicle.

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