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Healthcare app development rates in New York have increased by 58% in the last 4 years, and 50% of all global physicians use mHealth apps everyday to increase efficiency and cut costs. Web and mobile apps continue to bring innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

Icicle has a development experience of over a decade for web and mobile platforms, and a deep domain expertise in healthcare software and mHealth app development to guide you through the various challenges of medical software. Our expertise in healthcare app and web technology & deep understanding of startups will be a major advantage for your healthcare product.

Medical Domain Expertise

Over 10 years of expertise in delivering custom healthcare IT solutions and medical software development services for clients.

Expert EHR and CRM Integration

Merge CRM with the EHR to gain, engage and retain patients with multiple communication channels and maintain positive patient experience.

Affordable Cost & Maximum Result

Develop MVPs, Full Healthcare Products quickly and efficiently. Having an affordable product team frees up your funds for other business needs.

Healthcare Interoperability

Our healthcare application development focuses on making apps patient and medical professional friendly, by integrating them with pre-existing internal management systems.

Healthcare Product Maintenance

Icicle ensures that healthcare applications are error free in every release, and we regularly add features, resolve bugs. Icicle’s support teams are available round the clock

We Love Startups

Build your next brilliant venture with us through our hands-on startup experience and startup-acceleration partnerships.

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Healthcare Industry Focus


Development solutions to help healthcare startups build solid structures around innovative ideas with our decade-long startup management experience. Technical support for innovative healthcare mobile apps, custom healthcare software development, web portals, healthcare management software, connected medical devices, telehealth solutions and much more through acceleration partnerships.

Clinics and Hospitals

mHealth apps can drastically bridge the gap between health care providers and concerned customers. Unique mobile-centric user experience can help automate most transactional activities and increase patient-handling efficiency by reducing the time consumed in physical activities

Health Insurers

With the comprehensive experience of the healthcare industry, our digital engagement solutions assist in boosting insurance companies and healthcare payers’ business by providing data analysis and predictive modelling, and also helping in simplifying payment procedures and customer records.


Mobile services and specific technology needs are instrumental for Pharma Companies in the development of innovative extensions into their existing systems. Apps could include online sales and refill solutions, patient monitoring, field force management, product feedback and much more.

Medical Research Organizations

Specialised apps for medical researchers to carry out smarter and efficient research studies and clinical trials. Cutting-edge digital technology can help attain better results. From building custom research study apps to integration with wearables and sensors, we do the tech hard work and let analysts focus on the science.

Government & Public Health

Partnerships with key stakeholders in government and public health organisations to provide and enhance digitization and management of public health records and disease surveillance reports and boost affordability of public health programs through the implementation of web and mobile based technological solutions

Custom Healthcare Development Services

Machine Learning & AI Powered Custom Healthcare Software Development

Design and compile mHealth applications and software with features like Machine Learning and AI to work on health care services such as diagnostic tools, drug discovery, or regular health scheduling.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Medical Devices

Integrate IoT features with medical wearable devices and establish cross-device connectivity. Implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems, setting the stage for highly personalized, accessible, and on-time Healthcare services for everyone.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Build custom high performance mHealth mobile apps for Android and iOS or cross-platform mobile apps with high usability and regular updation. Design the most user-friendly UI/UX with our expert developers who consult & guide your application to perfection.

HIPAA & Regulatory Compliant Systems

Build software that is fully compliant with HIPAA and other other security regulations to reduce risk, earn user’s trust, and increase app adoption rate with secure data encryption.

Healthcare Cloud Enablement

Get over obsolete networks and cramped data storage. Enable your mHealth app to synchronise with cloud computing platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, and increase upon your storage capabilities and EHR.

Health Platforms Integration

Build mobile healthcare applications integrated with popular health informatics mobile apps and compatible with Application Programming Interfaces like Apple Healthkit and Google Fit and reach out to a larger audience.

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