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iOS App Team

for building products that build your business.


Hire world class iOS app developers with established track record in delivering products which scale.

We give life to your ideas

We design beautiful & engaging user experiences, develop clean front ends, build scalable applications and manage them on cloud.

UI & UX Design

Front End Development

Web & Mobile Apps

Cloud Scaling & DevOps

What we can do for you

We cover entire Product Life Cycle - from UI & UX Design to Web & Mobile Development to DevOps - managing applications & infrastructure.

Startup MVPs

SaaS Products

Captive Product Team

Custom Software

Why Icicle

  • We Understand Startups

  • Lean Product Development

  • Strong Engineering Traditions

  • Life Cycle Management

We have worked with Startups & Accelerators across the world, in different domains.

May be we have a case study or a story for you.

What we have done

We have worked with Digital Agencies, SaaS product companies, Enterprises and of course, Start ups.

Average span of our client engagement is over 24 months, the longest about 8 years and still active.

Technologies we use

A great product needs a great technical foundation. We work with the latest technologies like Swift, HealthKit, iCloud, ResearchKit, WatchKit, Push Notifiations, iOS8 SQLite etc.

Swift iOS-HealthKit iCloud iOS-ResearchKit iOS8 WatchKit Push Notifications SQLite

Partnerships for your benefit

Building business is not easy. You need partners and networks who see you through in difficult times.

Our partnerships allow you to take advantage of best technical support and advice.

Amazon APN Partner Engine Yard Heroku

Talk to us, that's always a good idea!


Talk to us, that's always a good idea!