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Create great front-ends, Single Page Apps (SPAs) with Vue.js

Vue.js is an ideal choice to build E-commerce stores, healthcare apps, financial software. Build whatever you can dream.

To build your awesome product, you need an awesome development team. Icicle's Vue.js team can help you build your product faster, cheaper & smarter

Vue.js Library

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript library to build fast, performant & smart web front-ends and Single Page Applications (SPAs). Created by international group of open-source developers, Vue.js is considered to be one of the best JavaScript frameworks and a great alternative to React.js or Angular.js

Vue.js has a very small footprint and scale from just being a small JS library in the app, to a full fledged SPA framework. With a very strong official supporting libraries like vue-router, vuex, vuefire, Vue.js is making rapid progress in become the top choice for JavaScript front-end developers.

Hire Vue.js Developers

Our top Vue.js developers have been working on JavaScript Web applications since Vue.js was released. Our Vue.js development teams have worked on various domains ranging from fintech, healthcare, e-commerce etc. for companies ranging from startups to large enterprises

Our Vue.js Development Services

Vue.js Web Application Development

Our Vue.js Development team will help you come up with exceptional Web Applications. Our creative Designers & Developers will help you to stand out from the rest.

Interactive UI Development with Vue.js

With Vue.js Javascript Library we can build interactive UI/UX that actually scale. Build awesome interfaces which your users love. Interactivity builds customer loyalty to your product.

Vue.js Component Development

Build UI components which are fully functional and reusable for different web applications. Enterprises with multiple Web apps can take advantage of Vue.js component development services to build world-class applications in shortest time

Vue.js Support & Maintenance

We are not among the 'Done and Dusted' ones, we also provide support and maintenance even after the application has been built. Application upgrades, performance, bug monitoring & resolutions, security updates, quick fixes & backups.

Vue.js Technology Stack

Vue.js eco-system is rapidly developing and has growing number of excellent libraries and supporting frameworks

  • Prototyping Tools
  • Storybook
  • Documentation
  • Asset Management
  • Webpack
  • vue-brunch
  • Coding Standards
  • ES7/ES6
  • Vue-types
  • Scalable State Management
  • Vuex
  • Vuelm
  • Movue
  • Testing Libraries
  • vue-test-utils
  • Jest
  • Backend Libraries & Frameworks
  • nuxtjs
  • vue-sync
  • Web Workers
  • vue-worker
  • UX Frameworks
  • vue-material
  • bootstrap-vue
  • Mobile Frameworks
  • weex
  • framework7-vue

Our Vue.js Expertise

Our design and development team knows very well what it takes to successfully develop web products across multiple domains.


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How We Do It

Lean Product Development

We believe in Lean Product Development process, focusing on constant idea validation, product feature evaluation, continuous improvement & quick iterations.

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Agile Project Management

Our work culture is geared towards agile, lean & collaborative projects ensuring effective product scoping, faster delivery and a quick to market product.

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Test Driven Development

Development process which stresses on Tests first. Test Automation & Quality Assurance which ensures that the applications are error free in every release.

Continuous Delivery & Deployment

New features are released to production as quickly as possible. Our processes are geared up for continuous integration and delivery ensuring speed of releases.

Benefits of Technology Partner

We have been building products for our Clients since 2004. Our relationships with clients are a testimony to the kind of value we bring in.

We love Startups

Life Cycle Management

Strong Engineering Traditions

Innovation as a Core Value

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